The simplest way to print Instagram and Facebook photo books

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We’re always looking at ways we can help our customers print their Instagram photos or their Facebook photos. We have a pipeline of new features coming up but sometimes its not about adding new features – it’s about being there to answer customer queries.

For those times when we can answer instantly, we’ve just launched Printr-bot – our automated Facebook messenger bot. Printr-bot can answer all sorts of questions about our service – and when it can’t it’ll try and put you in touch with one of the Printrbook team.

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5 ways to grow your Instagram following


Instagram is an amazing community. Here at Printrbook we’ve met so many talented photographers by connecting with them through Instagram. But of course, you’ve got to start connecting with people to get the best out of it.

If you’re just starting out, here are a few tips to help you connect with the community and grow your followers.

1 Be consistent

As the old saying goes ‘consistency is key’, especially when it comes to creating your Instagram content. If your account is purely for you to store your personal memories, then posting a picture of your pampered pooch moments after sharing your latest culinary creation (captioned #foodporn of course) is fine. However, if you’re looking to gain new followers then carefully curating what you post around a consistent theme makes for a well-balanced grid when potential followers visit your account.

Whether you like fashion photography or capturing nature is your specialty, chose a theme in order to make your account more compelling. Uniformity can not only be made by refining what you post but also by editing all of your photographs with the same filter or picking a colour that runs through your entire page.

Check out @m_awwad, @rustyfd912 and @laliou for a few examples of our favourites.

2 Only post high quality photographs

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than an account filled grainy, dark and out of focus photographs. Not only is it just not very aesthetically pleasing, it simply depicts a lack of care (not what you want to portray if you’re looking for followers).

Make sure you take the photograph in bright, (natural if possible) light to avoid an abundance of pixels becoming the main focus. Obviously this is not always possible, in which case take time to play with the brightness, contrast and sharpness during the editing process (VSCOCAM is a personal favourite).

3 Be social

This is one of the most important things to focus on if you’re looking to create a following.

A key way to get your name out there is to take advantage of Instagram’s ‘explore’ section. Finding other accounts to follow that inspire you or post similar content is crucial to getting your account known. When you find them, simply follow them and start engaging with them – like and comment (with genuine, considered comments!) on their photos. By doing this, you are able to create connections and ultimately gain interest.

Moreover, don’t neglect your followers. Asking questions in your captions is one of the easiest ways to engage your audience while giving you the opportunity to get to know the community on a more personal level.

4 Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are a simple and fast way of getting your account out there that requires very minimal effort. But be careful!

#We #All #Know #Someone #Who #Posts #Like #This

Don’t be that person.

Relevance is key. If you’re posting a snapshot of what you wore to your friend’s birthday bash the night before then #foodporn probably isn’t the best option. Another way to make it look slightly less like you’re begging for likes, is to put the hashtags in the comment section of your post rather than the caption.

There are lots of ways to find popular hashtags – we’ll cover those in another post.

So, keep things short and sweet and hashtags will become your new best friend.

5 Post what you love!

While it’s all very well capturing a high quality, perfectly edited masterpiece, if you aren’t enjoying yourself in the process then there really is very little point. At the end, if you feel passionate about a photograph, post it. After all, it’s your own social platform, and people are following you because they like your style. Your passion will shine through in your feed, so go for it!


When you’ve got your feed looking tip-top, why not print the best photos in an Instagram photo book?