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Interview with @chee.yip

Chee Yip’s photography first caught our eye back in 2014 with his amazing, vertigo-inducing shots of Hong Kong and beautiful scenes of Georgian Bath (home to Printrbook HQ).

So we were delighted to be able to meet him at an Instagram exhibition being held in late 2015 at the Forum Coffee House in Bath. He was one of a few young, talented Instagrammers exhibiting their latest work – entrepreneurial, gifted photographers sharing their creative passion.

We recently caught up with Chee again to find out a little more about him and his Instagramming.

When did you join Instagram and why?

I joined Instagram in 2012 when I bought my iPhone 5 for social use and I saw other users upload photos and I thought to do the same to see what people react to my photo.

What equipment do you use to shoot?

I’m currently still using my Nikon D90 from 2011 and iPhone 6 Plus.

What do you use to edit your photos?

I tend to use Lightroom for my SLR shots, Snapseed and VSCOcam for my iPhone.

What is your favourite shot that you’ve published on Instagram?

Hong Kong


My #WHPresolutions2015 is to learn how to use my Pentacon Six

Has Instagram changed your approach to photography & if so how?

I would say Instagram has changed my approach, my sense of style has changed since I first used the app. Meeting other Instagrammers brings a network of a community to share the same expression of passion. I also created the hashtag #ThroughMyOlloclip to see what other Instagrammers in the world showcase from their own perspective.

What inspires you?

For me, there’s quite a few things that inspire me. Different photos, quotes and life experience has helped me give me ideas to create and capture the right moment.

Who are your favourite Instagrammers?

@jayscale, @diaryofalex, @ericluis

What is your favourite shot of theirs?




How do you promote your work?

I normally use hashtags to showcase a wider audience than my followers and network with other Instagrammers!

To what do you attribute your success on Instagram?

To keep focus and never stop trying what I know best, sometimes I think outside the box (outside my comfort zone) but I always experiment what I have brought with me on my exploration.

What do you do for a living outside of Instagram?

I’m a full time student studying Business Management.

What advice would you give to Instagram newbies?

Never stop trying until you found your style and it’s not always about the equipment you have, its the person behind the lens what counts!

If you’re not already one of @chee.yip‘s 91,000 followers, why not check out more of his amazing photography!

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