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How to print Facebook photos

There's something magical about holding photos in your hand, in printed form. Digital photos are great, but they don't give you the same feeling as physical, printed photos.

The trouble is, printing Facebook photos isn't something we do very often because it's usually so complicated. Too many layout options to choose from. Too many ways to edit your photos. No way of printing your original captions.

Printrbook solves all of that.

So how do you print your Facebook photos with Printrbook? We make it easy in a few simple steps as we show below.

1. Start at the homepage

Start out at the Printrbook homepage where you'll see basic information about how we print your Facebook photos into a photo book. We also set out the three high-level steps that you'll go through. First things first, click the 'Create your photo book now' button

2. Choose to login with Facebook

Because we also print Instagram photos, you have the option to log in with either Facebook or Instagram. In this scenario, we're printing Facebook photos, so click the log in with Facebook.

3. Login with your Facebook account

You'll be asked to log in and authorise Printrbook to view your Facebook photos. We have to do that so we can print them. But don't worry, we never do anything other than retrieve your photos.

4. Select your photos

Once you're logged in, we'll show you your photos, 25 at a time. Just click the ones you want to include in your book. If you want to de-select a photo click it again.

As you add photos to your book, the system will remember what you've added. There are no 'save' buttons to click. If you move to a different page on the website, you can come back at any time and your progress will have been saved. Even if you stop half way through and come back a few days later to complete your book, your progress is saved so you won't have to start from scratch.

5. Pick 25 or 50 photos

Keep clicking photos until you have either 25 or 50 photos selected. You can choose to add photos in bulk by clicking the 'Add all on this page' button. That adds all visible photos to your book at once (saves time clicking around!). If you want to start from scratch, click the 'Remove all' button.

6. Choose a few options

Once you've got your 25 or 50 photos selected you can define how you want the photos to be printed. You can choose how the front cover is printed by selecting a layout of one, four or nine photos together with a book title.

You can also add a paragraph or two of text to the inside cover.

One of the great features is that you're able to tick a few boxes to print the captions (that you added when you uploaded the photo to Facebook), the date and time the photo was taken as well as the location of where it was taken (if you geo-tagged it).

7. Preview your book

Your book is now done and ready for you to check before it gets printed. We generate a PDF that you can download to see exactly how the book looks. We recommend you check this carefully so you're happy with your book before we print and ship it to you.

8. Add to your basket

If you're happy with the preview, just click 'Add to basket' to put the book in your basket.

If you want to make another book, just click 'Make a new book' and follow the previous steps as many times as you like.

9. Enter delivery details

When you've got all the books you want in your basket, click the 'Secure checkout' button. You're then ready to enter the delivery details of where you'd like your order shipped.

10. Confirm your order

This page is where you can check all the details of your order before paying for the contents of your basket. Pretty standard stuff.

Printrbook uses Stripe to securely process payment cards - so you're safe in the knowledge that your payment is taken securely.

To initiate the payment process, click 'Pay with card'.

10. Securely pay with a card

This is the Stripe payment screen where you can enter your card details to pay for your order. Just enter the details and click 'Securely pay'.


All testimonials based on customer survey July 2015

"A fabulous experience. Wonderful customer service as when I made a typing error on the front of the book (!), a quick email explaining my stupidity was answered very quickly assuring me the error would be rectified before my book was printed. It was and it looked amazing! It made a fantastic birthday present full of treasured memories. A huge thank you to Printrbook and Claire for the lovely email when I was having a panic about the cover. Would highly recommend to anyone and everyone. X"
"Cutest little photobooks out there and excellent customer service!"

"Printrbook is a great company with great products and customer service. Would highly recommend them to anyone."
"I'm so glad I found Printrbook. It's super easy to choose from your images via instagram or facebook and I love that you can even customise a cover with images and a title plus add some wording inside the little book too. It's perfect for printing favourite image sets, holiday snaps, family pics and the like in a cute little handbag size book. These make wonderful gifts for family too. Top quality and fast delivery. I'll definitely order again!"